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Indentation, flexbox and devices.

HTML5 Please

Should you use that cool new HTML or CSS feature and if so, are there any issues you should think of? These questions are answered on this very handy site (which could be made a bit more handy if a cache manifest was added). It reminds me of When Can I Use… with the difference that this site gives some valuable advice. Handy.

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Islands of Thought in Macrotypography · ART=WORK

One of the weirdest leftovers from the IE6 era is the fact that we don't use sibling selectors and thus never bothered to use real typography on the web. We're waking up now and realize that all along we could have read all these articles (about how bad IE6 is, for example) in a much more pleasant way. Nathan C. Ford tells us some things about paragraph indentation and gives us a handy bookmarklet.

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Perfection kills » Profiling CSS for fun and profit. Optimization notes.

If you've been playing with CSS3 you've probably noticed that pages can get a bit slower when you add radii on boxes with complex gradients and complex box-shadows, especially if it's a complicated page with lots of DOM nodes, and it's a page you want to use to explain how responsive design works. For these occasions there are some very handy new optimization tools in Opera and Webkit that let you debug CSS. Here's a very thorough writeup by Juriy Zaytsev about how these tools work.

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Test on Real Mobile Devices without Breaking the Bank | Brad Frost Web

You should test your websites on real devices, not just emulators, and not just on your own iPhone or Android device, there's much more out there that people actually use. But what devices should you get? Here's a list of devices that Brad Frost thinks you should have. Here's the list of devices I think you should have and Stephen Hay told me his pragmatic list last weekend: for every project you do just buy the device your client uses.

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