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Fronteers news, critique and a dodecahedron.

Nieuwjaarsborrel · Fronteers

Good news for all Fronteers members: most people don't celebrate New Years anymore on the 26th of January, but we do! In the Beer Factory in Amsterdam! See you there.

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CSS3 Dodecahedron

I probably couldn't even make a dodecahedron with paper, glue, and scissors but Cameron Adams knows how to make one with CSS3 (in your recent browser).


Polyfilling The HTML5 Gaps With JavaScript

You should be using modern/current web technologies and if you can't convince your client/boss/self that things don't need to look or behave exactly the same in every/old browsers then you must use polyfills to solve the inconsistencies. Addi Osmani digs deep (very deep) into the world of polyfills in this extremely detailed presentation (with excellent examples, you should take a look at it).


Frank Chimero: The Wall

Next time you want to call somebody an asshole (or a dick, or a cunt or whatever) because of something they wrote, or made, or published, be sure to first read this article by Frank Chimero about the art of giving (and taking) critique. It's not about yourself, it is about helping. This is an absolute must read – and a must remember – for everybody who gets agitated every now and then.

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Six CSS Layout Features To Look Forward To - Smashing Coding

Do you want to know the – possible – future of CSS layout? Divya Manian shows us six of the most outstanding techniques. Some of them are needed now (like grid layout and flexbox) while others will cause a lot of trouble when in the wrong hands (the rest) but can be used to create incredible stuff when in the right hands; let's hope for some excellent examples.

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Tobie Langel • App manifests, an anthology.

There are several stores or other ways to distribute a web app, and they all need a different app manifest (which holds the necessary meta-data). Tobie Langel sums them up. This is actually a very interesting read (with lots of links) for people who are looking for additional ways to distribute their apps.

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Design Principles // Speaker Deck

Here's a very interesting talk by Jeremy Keith about design principles. If you don't know what they are – no, they have very little to do with visual design, the talk is about HTML, CSS and JavaScript – you must click through this slide deck, and even if you know what they are you really should too: there are some very important basics you should know before you start, uhm, anything really.

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