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Peachpit: Introducing HTML5, 2nd Edition

What I hoped for was a free upgrade or a discount (come on, I'm Dutch!). But most of all I hoped for some sort of a diff file which would simply highlight all the changes between the first (which I already read) and the second edition. That would actually be a killer feature for any ebook. Publishers should look into the possibilities of digital publishing and they should really stop emulating paper. But still, you all should buy this new updated version of Introducing HTML5 by Bruce Lawson and Remy Sharp.

book, html5, diff

What We Don't Know | CSS-Tricks

On the web there are many things that we just don't know about how someone will see our work. Knowing what these things are and accepting the fact that you can't control them will make you a better designer/developer/person. Chris Coyier sums up some of the things you just don't know about your user. A good list with links to more information. Everybody should read this.

context, users, uncertainty

#816: Revert mobile-first media queries and remove respond.js - Issues - h5bp/html5-boilerplate - GitHub

Paul Irish raised the question if respond.js in combination with mobile first media queries should be in the HTML5 Boilerplate (note that the URL has changed). This resulted in a very interesting discussion with some instant classic essay like comments like this one by Stephanie Rieger. Take your time to read the whole thread, you will learn a lot.

media queries, responsive design, html5 boilerplate, h5bp